Information about the services we offer

  • Nurses Clinics
  • Prescription-Only Medicines
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Puppy Parties
  • Referrals
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Weight Watchers

Nurses Clinics

Our team of fully qualified Veterinary Nurses are always available to offer advice and assistance with the care of your pets. They regularly attend meetings and courses to enable them to improve the services they are able to offer you.

The nurses currently run clinics for overweight pets and 'Puppy Parties' for puppies between 8 and 12 weeks, in addition to routine appointments for follow up care after certain surgery.

If you would like an appointment with a nurse to discuss any aspect of your pet's welfare, please phone or ask at reception.

All of our Veterinary Nurses are fully Trained Veterinary Health Advisors and are always on hand to help

Prescription-Only Medicines

Please note that certain medicines are legally designated PML or POM which means that repeat prescriptions can only be dispensed if an animal is being regularly seen by a veterinary surgeon and his or her authorisation has been given.

Not only are these examinations required by law, but they also give the vet the opportunity to monitor your pet's response to the prescribed drugs and to ensure that there are no undesirable side-effects. After all, we talk of a year of your pet's life being similar to seven years of our own, and you can be sure that your GP wouldn't prescribe 3 or 4 years of medication without giving you a check-up!

If you require a repeat prescription, we would be grateful if you could phone the surgery first, preferably giving us 24 hours notice, to enable us to obtain the necessary authorisation.

If you wish, you may request that the veterinary surgeon issues a written prescription for supply at a different pharmacy. There is a charge made for the provision of this document, and the veterinary surgeon can accept no liability for the quality or authenticity of any medications that we do not supply.

Preventative Health Care

We take pride in being a practice that really cares about the health of your pets and we aim to prevent them from becoming ill as much as to help out when they do.

Routine vaccinations of dogs, cats and rabbits against the major infectious diseases, many of which can be fatal, will help to keep your pets healthy and happy.

In addition to this, it provides an opportunity to give your pet a thorough health check each year in order to detect problems before they may become serious.

It is our practice policy to send out reminders of booster vaccinations to help you ensure continued protection of your pets.

Puppy Parties

Puppy Parties are designed to help the youngsters learn to socialise and advise new owners on the routine care needed for a new dog.

We run Puppy Parties on a regular basis to give the young pups a chance to mix with others their own age, and to get them used to other people handling them besides their owners - useful for visits to the vet! Early socialisation is so important to the behavioural patterns in later life. At the same time our Consulting Veterinary Nurse is on hand to give advice on routine dental, feeding, worming care, pet insurance, etc.


As a 'first opinion' practice we are well qualified and able to carry out a huge range of examinations, investigations and operations on your family pets. However, inevitably there may be occasions when it would be of benefit to your pet to consider referring them (and you!) to a specialist, for either further in-depth investigations (e.g. MRI & CT scans) or surgery.

We are fortunate in having a number of specialist referral practices in the area, so you can rest assured that should there be occasions when we feel it may be beneficial to refer you for specialist care, we have a wide range of options available.

Repeat Prescriptions

As all requests for Prescription Medicines must be authorised by a veterinary surgeon, we request that wherever possible you contact the surgery at least 24 hours prior to collecting a repeat prescription. This will enable us to check, authorise and pack your prescriptions ready for collection.

Please remember that in order to comply with our legal requirements, it is necessary for us to re-examine your pet from time to time before issuing further medication. The time interval between these examinations will vary to some extent, depending on the nature of the condition being treated and the medication prescribed. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause, but the monitoring of any ongoing illness is essential for your pet's best health.

Weight Watchers

Obesity is a common problem in both cats and dogs and can contribute to several health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions. We all know how important it is not to allow our pets to gain weight but sometimes the waistline of your pet can increase over time and it’s these slow changes that are less easy to spot. Most overweight patients simply need a more suitable diet in order to lead a slimmer, healthier life. At the practice we offer a weight clinic to provide advice on suitable diets, target weights, and a timescale for losing weight. Regular weigh-ins will encourage and support you and your pet’s efforts to slim and trim. The clinics are free of charge, so why not book in for a weight check. There’s nothing to lose but your pet’s "spare tyre"!

Further Services

  • Advice

    It is our wish that you consider Mainstone Veterinary Clinic to be the first and best place that you can contact for any help and advice relating to the health and well- being of your family pets. Whether it be a routine enquiry or a more specific concern, please do not hesitate to call in or phone for advice.

  • Pet and Healthcare Products

    We offer a wide range of effective flea treatments, worm treatments and dental care products as well as nutritional supplements and quality pet foods, backed up with professional advice on how to use them for the best results.

  • Client Educational Talks

    From time to time, various members of the practice are involved in giving talks to schools, youth groups and other clubs and societies. If you think that this might be of interest, please feel free to get in touch with us.

  • Pet Passports

    All of our practice Veterinary Surgeons are licensed by DEFRA to carry out the appropriate vaccinations and certification for issuing of Pet Passports, so if you are interested in holidaying abroad with your pet, do give the surgery a call for more information and prices.

  • Dental Checks

    As a follow up to any scale & polish or dental surgery we routinely schedule repeat dental examinations with our team of veterinary nurses.

    Come and have a word with one of our Consulting Veterinary Nurses and see how teeth cleaning for pets, or routine application of a gel designed to break down plaque, can help. Poor tooth care can lead to gum infections and ill health for pets of any age - preventative treatment is the best.

  • Home Visits

    At certain times, you may feel that you would prefer to have your pet treated at home. We are happy to do this if necessary, but the vet will not have the facilities or assistance that are available at the surgery. If possible, we aim to make house calls at the end of morning surgery, so please give us as much advanced notification as possible. Please note: an additional charge is made for home visits.